2 October 2012

Two year review - Passed!

Unfortunately Paige didn't have such a great weekend....she slept for 4 hours on Friday and Saturday. Then woke up on Sunday completely lethargic and spent most of the day sleeping ..... poor heart she must have been fighting something and fought it off or just feeling the effects of her increased dosage of oral chemo, which is causing her neutrophils to fall. On the bright side we have decided to give her a break from her feeding tube which was pushed out when she was sick, so it is quite lovely to see her face again :-), we just need to work on her smile now.

Her blood results this weeks shows a small decrease in her hemoglobin and neutrophils have fallen from 1.2 to 0.8. Apparently when teenagers have a fall they have complained that they can't get out of bed because they feel so crummy, so maybe the drop off for Paige made her tired? Maybe she'll tell us next time.

We've been quite busy with the house redecorating, the new kitchen just needs one final door to be complete and Paige no longer has a baby room, but rather a 'big girl' room ,which she seems quite pleased with, in fact she has said 'mummy I like my new room !"

Here she is making a cup of tea in bed and actually said 'mummy can you take my picture?'

She helped with the stickers, but refused to stay in the pic!

Samuel on he other hand is a bit upset that his room isn't as 'handsome' as Paige's. He's doing really well at school and has alreday received a gold sticker from the Head Teacher for his creativeness with a dinosaur and a 'Well Done' card for his model building. He now plays both Rugby and Football and loves both of them. He's also off to a birthday party this weekend for one of his classmates. I must say that WestHill is quite a social school!

Ballet continues to be a challenge for Paige, but she was much better this week, she also thoroughly enjoyed her playgroup at WestHill this morning, it's quite good to catch up with the other mums. Next week another round of Chemo and steriods are due, we'll also monitor her weight quite closely and a decision taken as to whether to reinsert her feeding tube will be taken next week.

Paige also has her two year review with our Health visitor Lorraine today and she passed with flying colours, she has met all her developmental milestones and Lorraine was quite impressed with Paige's speech and ability to understand and communicate, in fact when Paige was asked to build a tower with 8 wooden blocks Paige responded 'that's easy peasy' and proceeded to build the tower without any toppling over. Apparently many kids her age can't do that. So needless to say I was quite relieved to be reassured that she is doing so well despite her ups and downs this year :-)

Here's looking forward to an uneventful week.....

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