9 October 2012

Break from feeding tube

After a week of being off her feeding tube Paige has eaten very well all week and had maintained her weight! In fact she's even gained a tiny 0.1kg, a step in the right direction. With that good news in hand it has now been agreed that we will not insert a new one unless she needs it, we know it works and it can be inserted quite easily.....

This week at clinic she had Vincristine and reacted quite strangely when it was being administered, Wilf suggested that now that she is well her taste buds may have changed and she may be able to taste the chemo, apparently other kids say that it tastes like metal! She is also due her week of the dreaded dexamethazone this week! Good news on her blood results, neutrophils have shot up to 2.0, so that her dosage of oral chemo has been increased to 75%.

She continues to get into ALOT of mischief which revolves around opening taps and filling her toys with water or using the bathroom stool to get into my make-up. This time she chose a brand new deep red lipstick and was able to apply it in about 10 seconds or less!

as you can see she is quite proud of herself, incredibly difficult to discipline with a face like that :-).

She now has a better routine, she has ballet on Mondays and playgroup at Sam's school on Tuesday mornings, we've even arranged for our Rainbow support worker to spend some time with her and without me or Russell. We also managed to attend a family service at church on Sunday, a first for us as a family. So all things being equal we can continue to enjoy time our beautiful daughter and her current wellness, long may it last.

It's now been a week since I have handed in all my equipment to HSBC and said my goodbyes to my colleagues and my career. Even though I haven't been at work since Paige was born it was quite difficult to absorb that I am now unemployed and full time carer to Paige and mum to the kids :-) Some might even say that I was defined by my career, this will be the first time in 22 years that I am deliberately unemployed

Good night to all....

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