22 May 2012

Baby got new shoes!

What a wonderful week just gone by....

Paige has now had many new experiences on Tuesday we went to Tesco and she sat in a cart and ordered me around to get her things which included 'frutapura' and sweeties, she even gave them to me to check out at the counter then asked for it again - my incredibly clever daughter.
On Wednesday we ventured to the Surgery and then to the pharmacy to collect some meds, we bumped in to someone that we met at massage class, that just had another baby and apparently I really upset her when I told her that Paige had leukemia, I never realize that it can upset people. Anyway madame didn't like waiting at the pharmacy and kept saying, "come on let's go!"
By Thursday I was being told "No I busy right now" and "hold on 1 minute" by my lovely daughter, who by the way can now count to 5. Sam on the other had can count to 20 and also to 10 in French!
On Friday we visited her buddy Jobo, who by the way is now stomping around and looks incredibly healthy!

Neutrophils are still up at 1.1 and the demon dex starts today, we're hoping that the effects will be different this time!

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