15 May 2012

We have neutrophils :-)

I've checked through Paige's records and the last time that she had neutrophils above 1.0 was back in January before she began her last round of intensive chemotherapy. After clinic I couldn't wait to call and get the results tonight because I knew that she was above one, and yup her count is at 1.7 so she can finally start her oral chemotherapy, which was due to start on March 26th!

Paige is so full of energy and excitement that she now begins her day at 5.30am and she is wide awake at that time. She is also shows all the signs of the 'terrible twos' in fact we had a full display this morning when she refused to change out of her pjs and into regular clothes so that we could do the school run. It took me 15 minutes to get her dressed, as I put one leg into her trousers she took out the next and so it went. She then refused to get into the car and demanded that I turn on the DVD as soon as she was buckled in "TV ON". Of course I relented after "sorry mummy" was delivered. It's been really difficult to try and instill any discipline over the last couple of months because she has been so ill and we always give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe something is hurting or doesn't feel right. Now however rolling around on the floor because she can't have her way screams of toddlerdom.

She has enjoyed an adventurous couple of days though, on Friday she sat in a shopping trolley and we got a couple of things at Tesco, she loved it and got her own stuff too. On Saturday and Sunday we went to the beach and she picked up pebbles and ran into the surf to throw them into the sea. Today we even went into the surgery to collect a prescription, then to the pharmacy to fill it. All seemingly normal things but to Paige and I, they were huge steps towards a semblance of a normal life.

She's now up to 10.45kgs in a nappy and both the gastroenterologist and the oncologist were very pleased with how well she looks. We're all quite looking forward to a well Paige :-)


  1. this really is GREAT news!!!

  2. Delighted to hear that your main headache is temper tantrums, for a change! My heart continues to be with you all throughout this incredibly challenging journey.
    Hugs to Paige and Sam,
    Auntie Nancy

  3. Lovely to hear that Paige is gaining weight and her neutrophils have risen remarkably. It certainly sounds like the "terrible twos" but how great that is acting normally. All the very best to you. You have certainly had a very trying time.

    Love Denise (Celine's Mum)