6 May 2012

In Hospital Again

Paige has made so much progress in terms of looking well, putting some meat on those bones and speaking in the last couple of days. So we felt certain that the decision to go to the Lake District this weekend for a much needed break was a good one, till Thursday afternoon. Paige woke up at 4.00pm crying and warm to the touch and I though that she was just warm because she was sleeping under the duvet, but her crying was odd. She eventually perked up and asked for "bagel with almond butter in it" then continued playing with Sam. At 6.00pm her temp was 38.3C and I started packing for the hospital. She had a bath and by 7.00pm she was down to 38.0C so we became a bit optimistic and we all headed down to the hospital 'out of an abundance of caution' for her to be reviewed by a doctor. When we got there her temp was 40.1C so there was no chance of going anywhere except to the Starfish ward for the next 48hrs or so. The lodge at the Pine Lake Resort was booked from Friday till Monday morning........
So 48hrs later her blood cultures are negative, her poo is clear and line swab was also clear but she continues to have pretty high temperatures, she had another 38.1C yesterday at 7.00pm. She was allowed home for a couple of hours this afternoon, but will have to continue with anti-biotics and remain in hospital until she is temperature free for a min of 48hrs.
On the bright side her neutrophils are up to 0.5 (it's been 0 to 0.2 over the last couple of months) so she seems to be recovering. The consultant reminded me that normal kids her age get an average of 10 colds per year and of course Paige is no exception.
We are just over the moon that she is now up to 10.2kgs with just a nappy, she's eating, drinking and ordering us around (not sure where she gets that from!) and has a 'common cold'.

She's giving Russell a 'nosy', she touches her nose onto yours and only special people like her daddy is privileged enough to get one!

In the car on the way home, she took Sam's hat while he wasn't looking!

She received a package of goodies from her Aunty Katrina, who lives in France yesterday. She found the box when she came home and really tucked into the almond bar, fruit purees. She absolutely adored the little cat, in fact she hasn't let go of it since she saw it yesterday - thank you so much Katrina you made her afternoon :-)

So our journey continues one day at a time, strangely I was gutted on Thursday afternoon when her temp started to rise, but by Friday midday she was giggling and she was so pleased to get yet another nemo costume, that she's wearing in the pic above from the QA team (we manged to ruin the first one in the washing machine) that I forgot about everything else :-)

My baby brother keeps telling me that the big man upstairs does not give us anything that we can't handle....and with the tremendous love and support that we get from our friends and family we'll make it through. A special thank you to my aunty Maria who is also my god mother. She checks on us every week without fail sending her love and prayers always.

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  1. Thinking of you, in awe of your strength, faith and courage. Prayers for Paige and all of you.