11 December 2012

Onwards and Upwards!

Paige's central line was removed at the Queen Alexandra's hospital last week Monday. The procedure went well and Paige was up and eating soon afterwards. Poor heart was starving and ate a whole bowl of rice! We arrived at 7.00am, she had her chemo via her central line for it's last use, at about 9.00am then waited till her turn in the theatre, which was at 12.30pm, that's why she was so hungry! We were discharged shortly afterwards.

It was also her week of the "Demon Dex", but this time she just ate all day long, she was a bit grumpy but not as bad as previous bouts. At least these were the reports from Russell, as Sam and I headed off to Trinidad on Wednesday morning and returned to England on Sunday morning! It was a fleeting but fabulous trip. Neither Sam nor I wanted to return home to the cold.

When we arrived on Sunday we were greeted with a perky, healthy looking little girl, who has gained approximately 1kg in one week! She actually felt heavy :-). We headed off to the Piam Brown Christmas Party and the kids had a fabulous time. Paige complained when Santa arrived because it meant that they had to turn off the music, she loves dancing. Here she is opening her present with the help of Big brother Samuel.

Her hair also seems to have grown another inch!

She is just such a happy child

Bloods were done by finger prick yesterday and she was not pleased at all! On the bright side however, she has neutrophils of 4.4!, we know that is is inflated due to the steroids but it was incredible news. She resumed oral chemotherapy last night. Next Step is her Lumbar Puncture next week Tuesday.

In the meanwhile we are getting ready for Christmas as well as Uncle Kevin and his new bride Renee, who arrive on Sunday and will be spending the next couple of weeks with us.


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  1. Great news! Paige & Sam both look fabulous, particularly her hair. Onwards, upwards... (from a Guyanese national song.)
    Wishing you all a Joyous Christmas and every blessing in the New Year.
    Auntie Nancy