31 July 2012

Peppa Pig mania

Paige is completely smitten by Peppa Pig she watches it for at least an hour every night, has stuffed toys, pjs, cutlery, puzzles and even an umbrella and raincoat. I am now 'mummy pig' and Russell is 'daddy pig'. My mother is 'granny pig' and my poor nephew is granddad pig :-). Her famous ask, "Mummy one more peppa pig then no more, I promise!"

We took them to Paultons Park last week Thursday and they had a fabulous time. Paige woke up and says "Mummy are we going to Peppa Pig's world today?" she even has a favorite ride the helicopter ride!

She particularly loves having a lolly though! Oh notice the Peppa Pig sandals

She's looking and doing so well now, she's steady at 11.3kgs and her hair is growing like a super strong weed :-) She's fiercely independent and does her own washing......here she is loading the washing machine

Her bloods however are fairly static at 0.6 Neutrophils for the last two weeks. New blood cultures were done yesterday and we continue to monitor her like a hawk after her line has been accessed.

We're busy getting ready for the double special christening that is planned for this Friday for both Sam and Paige. The kids are quite lucky to have their mama and cousin Darien here for the special event. Paige will have both her God Parents present. Richard, my best friend from Trinidad who arrives tomorrow, and the lovely Kathryn (another Trini) so Paige is clearly blessed all around! Unfortunately for Sam his god parents won't be able to make it Joanne (Russell's sister) is 9mths pregnant and actually has a due date of tomorrow and Kevin (my brother) can't be here till Christmas. We'll also be joined by a select few close friends. We're all quite looking forward to it!

From now on I'll try to update the blog at least weekly after her bloods are done.

Good night to all.

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