14 June 2012

Happy Birthday Paige!

Celebrations for madame's birthday started last week with her new house, I must admit I wasn't sure about a house this size, but she absolutely adores this house!

She's also been feeling fabulous and belted out some tunes for me :-) you will notice that the feeding tube is off and that's because it was her 'day off' when the third one came out in 6 days

This week has been rainy and as Paige now selects her own clothing she decided to dress up as a 'ganster' complete with Sam's hat that she put on herself, this was taken yesterday afternoon. Oh that ball was a gift from her Aunty June which she hasn't put down since she got it.

As for today's celebrations, she started with 4 gifts from her Uncle Richard, who spoils her at every opportunity and 2 more from aunty Joanne, she was all Peppa pigged out :-). Each gift is accompanied by a gulp and 'thank you'

Later on we had a small party for her with some of my friends from my mum's group. Paige of course was dressed in her Mini Mouse costume, the perfect gift from her Aunty Freddy. In this pic though she's actually sending a BBM to her Uncle Kevin.

It was so wonderful to have friends over for a cup of tea and some cake. Most of all it was incredible to have three screaming four year old boys running all over the house and Paige keeping apace with them. She certainly holds her own and is not afraid to assert her authority over her toys, regardless of how much older or taller the boys are!
In this photo Sam is giving her instructions on how to blow out the candle, little had he realised that she needed no help whatsoever!

She's now asleep clutching her Peppa pig stuffed toy in her Peppa Pig jammies, after having dinner with her peppa pig cutlery...you get the drift. I think that she had a wonderful day, and my fears of her not being able to cope/socialise with many children around her is slowly dissipating.

Next we have celebration number two on Saturday with a small BBQ.

Good night to all.

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